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Here you will find data on RF power tubes, as well as application notes of interest to amateurs using tubes (valves) for power amplifiers. Generally data is included only for tubes with anode dissipations between 100 W and 1 MW.

Also here ..

Also is my page of useful (and occasionally humorours) things about electronics) where you can also find a manual for the HP 5370B and some related application notes, distributed with permission from Agilent.

In many cases, there are data sheets from more than one manufacturer for the same tube - e.g. there are data sheets from Eimac, RCA and Penta for the 4CX250B. You would be well advised to take all the data sheets for the tubes you intend to use. Sometimes the search engine will not locate a PDF file for a tube - this is because the PDF files are often scanned, and its not possible to search them for text. In other cases, where the PDF files are generated by a word processor, the search engine will search the files. Use the search facility in your browser to look for a tube by type number.

Nicely formatted tables with links to the data sheets and some notes for the various triodes, as well as tetrodes and pentodes are given. In additiion to this you can

You just need a bit more effort to find the data there, as some are pdfs, some are jpegs and so on.

On this site, you will also find other things that interest me, such as YC156 and Y799 amplifiers under construction, as well as software I've written.

Very odd transmission line A finite difference program for modeling arbitrary shaped transmission lines. Although you are unlikely to want to analyse a transmission of the shape shown to the left, this software, which is open-source, allows you to analyse such a shape. It is primarily of use when you want to analyse a transmission line for which no known formula exists.
Yagi-Uda antenna Yagi Uda - An antenna analysis programme for UNIX systems. This program analyses Yagi-Uda antennas (what most people call Yagis) and has various optimisation routines. It needs some care in its use, but should build easily on any UNIX or Linux system.
YC156 tubeYC156 amplifier A high power 144 MHz amplifier using an Eimac 3CX5000A7 or YC156 tube. This has not been completed although a fair amount of work has been done on it.
Y799 Amplifier A medium power 144 MHz amplifier using an Eimac Y799 or Y808 tube. This project uses a conduction cooled tube, with a heatsink sufficiently large that no cooling fan will be required. The project has not been completed. It will be used as a driver for the YC156 or 3CX5000A7.

If you have a data sheet on a tube usable by amateurs (say no more than 50kW) and can provide a copy, then please send it to me. If you are able to scan it yourself, please e-mail me the scanned images. Scanning at about 300 dpi seems to be optimal for a good copy, although you can do it at a lower resolution. Generally I scan in grayscale, but sometimes colour if the data sheet needs it.

Mathematica from a Pocket PC / PDA

Something which may interest some using Mathematica is WITM or Web Interface to Mathematica. This allows you to access a UNIX version of Mathematica on any browser, so is particularly useful for PocketPC, Palm or similar.

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