I'd like to express my thanks to the following for their help with this site.

Web Hosting

This site has a lot of large data files. At one point I used to host it at home on my Sun workstation. But with an ADSL line the bandwidth was just too large. This also means it can't be hosted on the cheap hosting services, due to the disk space and bandwidth issues.

I'd like to thanks Gordon Hudson GM4SVM of Hostroute who provided complimentary web hosting facilities for several years. Unfortunately, it appears GM4SVM is no longer the MD, so Hostroute have declined to provide free hosting any more. At one point I did request donations to pay for the hosting costs, and several people donated. Such donations are no longer necessary, so I am not requesting any more donations. But the follow people did provide donations, which at one point were needed.

I've received 5 donations from hams. With their permission, I'll be posting their callsigns to say thank you. Donations have been received from

Supply of tube data sheets

Numerous people have supplied me either photocopies, electronic scans, or pdf files for data sheets. I don't have a list of them all, but will add them as and when I find an email with a data sheet attached. If I have ommited you, please excuse this, and let me know.

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