Time Interval Counters.

Data sheets, manuals and application notes on time-interval counters.

HP 5370A time interval counter manual

Here is the manual for an HP 5370A time-interval counter. I understand this will appear on the Agilent web site at some point. In which case I will set up an HTTP 301 (permanent redirect). So if you find this via Google, look at the Agilent site.

HP 5370B time interval counter manual

Some time back I borrowed a copy of the HP 5370B manual from Poul-Henning Kamp and scanned it at 600 dpi. The file is huge (~ 566.5MB), but whilst I don't have the disk space to store it, a few people have agreed to do so. You may find you have better connectivity to one of these sites than the other, so a few mirrors are listed. A lower resolution (150 dpi) version of this file has been placed on the Agilent web site, so you might prefer that. The 600 dpi version might just be advantagoues with some of the component values on circuit diagrams, but for just reading about the instrument, the lower resolution version is fine.

I suggest you do NOT try to print the 600 dpi version until FULLY downloaded - Acrobat on Windoze sometimes gives the impression the file is downloaded, but it is not. I found I was unable to print more than about 100 pages at a time on the large file. This may have been a limitation of the printer, or perhaps lack of spool space on the print server.

Application notes related to time-interval measurement

HP application notes, reproduced with permission, Courtesy of Agilent Technologies Inc. Non-HP application notes.

Other HP Application notes of relevance to time

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